Club Foot Orchestra, Photo: Anne Hamarsky
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Club Foot Orchestra
SF Jazz Festival, Club Foot Orchestra performing The Complete Metropolis, at SFJAZZ, April 14, 2013
Performing NOSFERATU at World Financial Center
The Cabinet of Dr Caligari: Conrad Veidt as the SomnabulistFritz Lang's METROPOLIS
Performing SHERLOCK JR at World Financial Center
PANDORA'S BOX: Louise Brooks as LuluHANDS OF ORLAC: Conrad Veidt as Paul Orlac
Legong Dance of the Virgins


Current members
Beth Custer, clarinets and keyboard
Sheldon Brown, woodwinds
Chris Grady, trumpet
Richard Marriott, brass and woodwinds
s Gino Robair, percussion
Will Bernard, guitar
Kymry Esainko, piano
Alisa Rose, violin
Sascha Jacobson, double bass
Deirdre McClure, conductor

Past members
Dave Barrett, saxophones
Myles Boisen, guitar and electric bass
Joshua Brody, keyboards and accordion
Matt Brubeck, cello
Catharine Clune, violin
Steed Cowart, conductor
Richard Egner, guitar and bass
Josh Ende, saxophones
Eric Drew Feldman, keyboards
Opter Flame, trumpet and mellophone
Kaila Flexor, violin
Bonnie Kane, saxophone
Elliot Kavee, drums and cello
Steve Kirk, guitar and banjo
Dave Kopplin, drums
Bob Lipton, tuba and electric bass
Jason Marsh, violin
Doug Morton, trumpet
Nik Phelps, brass and woodwinds
Julian Smedley, violinm guitar and keyboards
Snakefinger, guitar
Kenny Wollesen, percussion and mallets
Arny Young, drums

Guest Artists and Collaborators, Past and Present
Steve Adams, saxophones
Laurie Amat, voice
Jorge Avila, violin
Dewa Barata, suling and pemade
Julian Dixon, tuba
Gamelan Dharma, Swara
Gamelan Sekar, Jaya
Ben Goldberg, clarinet
Rachel Golub, violin and sitar
Matt Heckert, machines
Marcus Rojas, tuba
Todd Sickafuss, double bass
Matthew Szemela violin
Kal Spelletich, machines
Made Subandi, voice, kendang and suling
Rob Sudduth, saxophones
Nyoman Windha, voice and kendang
Pamela Z, voice and electronics