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The Hands of Orlac, directed by Robert Weine in 1925, starred Conrad Veidt (the somnambolist in "Caligari") as a pianist who loses his hands in a train accident and has them replaced with the hands of a convicted murderer, a theme used many times in later horror films.

The score, written by Richard Marriott with contributions by Sheldon Brown and Gino Robair, was premiered at the Castro Theater for the 1997 Berlin & Beyond Film Festival. This score was CFO's first to use a string quartet.

Sheldon Brown, Woodwinds
Ben Goldberg, Clarinet
Chris Grady, Trumpet
Richard Marriott, Trombone, Flute
Steve Kirk, Guitar
Myles Boisen, Bass
Gino Robair, Percussion
Carla Kihlstedt, Violin
Catharine Clune, Violin
Christina McClure, Viola
Matt Brubeck, Cello
Deirdre McClure, Conductor
Pamela Z, Narrator