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Buster Keaton's Sherlock Jr. (1924) is a masterpiece of American surrealism. A good-hearted projectionist is thwarted in his ambitions in his waking life, but when he falls asleep on his job, his dreamself jumps into the movie (the reverse of PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO) solves the crime and gets the girl. He's disappointed to wake from his dream, but the girl comes back on her own. Pure Freudian wish fulfillment.

Buster was 24 when he made this movie. During the filming he broke his neck after he grabbed the spigot of the watertower and was hit by the massive torrent of water. But he didn't realize that his neck was broken until he complained of headaches two years later.

The Club Foot score features compositions by Richard Marriott, Myles Boisen, Steve Kirk, Beth Custer, Nik Phelps and Sheldon Brown. It premiered at the Castro Theatre March 22, 1992. The CFO soundtrack was used for the Kino Films Sherlock Jr. DVD & video.

Kino International used the Club Foot soundtrack in their release of the 35mm film. It may offen be experienced on Turner Classic Movies. The soundtrack is also used in a Broadway Asia production of "Race For Love" currently running in Beijing.


Eleanor Keaton, Buster's widow, after attending the performance at the NuArt Theater, Santa Monica