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Felix Fats Roscoe
Guardian Idiot
Time Twister
Guardian Idiot
Time Twister
Guardian Idiot

During the Fall of 1995, the Orchestra scored and recorded 39 episodes of The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat under the direction of Gino Robair and Film Roman. The music was recorded at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco and at Guerrilla Euphonics in Oakland. It was broadcast on CBS affiliate stations on Saturday mornings.    

Week 1: Guardian Idiot, Space Time Twister, Don't String Me Along

Week 2: The Sludge King Parts 1 and 2, Mars Needs Felix

Week 3: Step Right Up, Now Playing Felix, Jailhouse Shock 

Week 4: The Manhattan Triangle, The Petrified Cheese

Week 5: Middle Aged Felix, Felix in Psychedelicland

Week 6: Order of the Black Cat, Felix in Catastropheland, Felix Breaks the Bank

Week 7: Noah's Nightclub, Felix's Gold Score, Forever Rafter

Week 8: The Earth Heist, Attack of the Tacky

Week 9: Felix in Nightdrop Land, A Shocking Story

Week 10: Love at First Slice, Space Case, Peg Leg Felix

Week 11: Shell Shock, The Big Hunt

Week 12: Felix's Big Splash, Gross Ghost, Underwater Kingdom

Week 13: Wetpaint, News Blues, Copycat

Composers and Performers for Twisted Tales
Beth Custer, clarinets
Sheldon Brown, woodwinds
Nik Phelps, woodwinds
Chris Grady, trumpet
Richard Marriott, trombone
Elliot Kavee, percussion
Gino Robair, mallets, thermin
Steve Kirk, guitars, banjo
Josh Brody, keyboards
Catharine Clune, violin
Matt Brubeck, cello
Myles Boisen, electric bass
Deirdre McClure, conductor